Cutters S150 Game Day Receiver YOUTH

Cutters S150 Game Day Receiver YOUTH

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  • Speed grip silicone palm
  • Lightweight flexible back of hand
  • Machine Washable and Dryable
  • Meets SFIA™ specification for NFHS/NCAA play
  • Material: Polyester

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adidas Adizero 5 Star 8.0 Receiver Gloves

The adidas ADIZERO 5-Star 8.0 Receiver Glove was made to support your athletic performance with unparalleled grip and multidimensional fabric. The adidas GRIPTACK Palm technology is recognized for its sticky feel, to keep the ball from slipping as you turn and bolt after the catch. The adidas PrimeKnit fabric blend is designed to allow for breathability and structure, while still supporting your hands natural movement. With climacool technology to wick away sweat, and the even more durable design, these comfortable receiver gloves will keep you secure and focused on the field.

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Under Armour Highlight Padded Receiver Gloves
  • Meets NFHS/NCAA/NOCSAE standards
  • Lightweight HeatGear fabric with stretch-mesh paneling keeps your hands cool, dry & light
  • Ergonomically padded back of hand with strategic articulation allow for full dexterity & protection
  • Updated, reverse closure design provides easier entry & customizable support
  • UA GlueGrip makes sure your gloves start sticky & stay sticky – providing longer lasting, more consistent tack throughout the life of the glove
  • Material: Nylon
79,00 €
Cutters JE11 Edelman Signature Series YOUTH

Developed and designed with input from The Man himself, Julian Edelman, these are the gloves that have gripped and lifted the Lombardi Trophy. These are the gloves that help Mr. Edelman catch just about anything within his zip code. These are the gloves that you should be wearing. This is the result of a close partnership (like QB and WR) between Number 11 and Cutters. We make the miraculous gloves; you make the miraculous catches.

  • First-run Signature Series collaboration between Julian Edelman and Cutters
  • Air C-TACK® Extreme Grip perforated for better breathability and cooling performance
  • Secure, flexible comfort back of hand
  • Intelligent panel additions for more support and durability
  • Flex zones promote flexibility 
  • Meets SFIA™ specification for NFHS/NCAA play
  • Suited for the Wide Receiver position
  • Material: Nylon
58,00 €
Arm Sleeve
  • El 83% Poliéster, 17% spandex -gestión de la Humedad
  • Total de estiramiento de brazos ajuste de compresión
  • Construcción de costura plana con 1" elástica en el bíceps de la apertura de
  • El tejón de calor sello logo en el dobladillo inferior
16,00 €
Cutters S500C Rev Pro 4.0

Shine on the competition with our exclusive Cutters Rev Pro 4.0 Iridescent Receiver Gloves. This Cutters flagship Football Receiver Glove is used by elite pros every Sunday and features unmatched Air C-TACK grip, the original performance football grip that has set the standard for advanced grip innovation for over 20 years. Our newest Cutters receiver glove pushes the limit of stick on every catch and is perforated for better breathability and cooling performance. The best receivers in the world love the grip along with the exceptional combination of feel, support and stability, which deliver confidence that's also very comfortable.

  • MAKE THE GRAB: Air C-TACK® extreme grip pushes the limits of stick on every catch and is perforated for better breathability and cooling performance.
  • FEEL FLEXIBILITY: Lightweight back of hand material with reinforced flex zone panels for added comfort, support and confidence, especially on hot throws.
  • BALL SECURITY: Power bands provide a secure, locked-in feel, and reinforced finger tips prevent twisting for added catch stability. Neoprene wrist cuff for added comfort.
  • ALL-WEATHER PERFORMANCE: Cold, rain or shine, Cutters Rev Pro 4.0 Solid gloves perform without compromise in all weather conditions.
  • RESTORE YOUR GRIP: Advanced C-TACK grip is self-restoring — simply wipe down with a damp cloth when dirty to regain maximum stick.
  • EASY TO KEEP CLEAN: Machine washable and dryable materials mean your grip and your look can stay sharp for every game.
  • GOOD TO GO: Meets SFIA™ specification for NFHS/NCAA play.
57,00 €
Cutters S252 Rev 3.0 Receiver YOUTH

Pull on the ideal glove for the player seeking lightweight flexibility and extreme, no-excuses grip.

  • C-TACK performance grip material palm for extreme grip
  • Lightweight flex back of hand for enhanced comfort
  • Silicone back of hand overlay for added support
  • True fit C-TACK thumb locks down thumb and provides added grip surface
  • New printed palm design
  • Rev Tack Recharge: Restore the grip by wiping with a damp cloth or machine washing
  • Performs in All Weather Conditions
  • Machine Washable and Dryable
  • Meets SFIA™ specification for NFHS/NCAA play
  • Suited for the Wide Receiver position
  • Cutters Rev Receiver Glove
  • Material: Nylon
61,00 €
Digital Arm Sleeve

El 83% Sublimadas, poliéster/spandex 17% de Humedad y gestión Completa de estiramiento de brazos ajuste de compresión construcción de costura Plana con 1" elástica en el bíceps de la apertura de Tejón de calor sello logo en el dobladillo inferior

17,00 €
Nike Football Towel

Absorbente, de secado rápido, tejido de rizo para ayudar a mantener las manos secas. Gancho y bucle de cierre de velcro con Swoosh bordado y el logotipo de armario de la etiqueta de ayuda jugador de identificar correctamente el uno del otro. Lavable a máquina.

18,00 €
Glove Glu Mega Grip

Mejora el agarre y el rendimiento de cualquier guante.

120ml / 4oz

Revive guantes viejos y mejora nuevos.

Igualmente eficaz en condiciones húmedas o secas.

25% más fuerte para la máxima recuperación del agarre.

Bueno para todos los guantes, fútbol, ​​guardianes de fútbol, ​​golf, hockey, lacrosse

19,00 €
Nike Swoosh Wristbands

La Nike Swoosh Pulseras de ayudar a reducir las distracciones causadas por el sudor con un paño de algodón absorbente mezcla que se extiende para un confort personalizado.

  • Tejido absorbente para ayudar a manejar el sudor
  • Logo bordado en el centro de estilo
  • Conjunto de dos
  • Tejido: 72% algodón/12% nylon 11% poliéster/4% caucho/1% spandex
  • Lavado a máquina
8,00 €
Cutters S931H Force.5 2.0 Finger Lineman

The updated perfect glove for players seeking the natural feel of the fingertips, we've created the Force .5, in a half-finger design

  • Strategically placed C-TACK™ material on fingers and thumb for added grip
  • Compressed foam padding lower back of hand for substantial protection
  • C-TACK™ material padded palm patch for more grip and protection
  • Perforated gussets for added ventilation
  • Double wrist strap offers added wrist support
  • Comfortable cut for half-fingers and thumb
  • Meets SFIA™ specification for NFHS/NCAA play

66,00 €
Nike Skinny Dri Fit Bicep Bands

NIKE flaco Dri-FIT® de bandas de ajuste alrededor de su bíceps, los codos o las pantorrillas para mantener el sudor de arruinar su juego. El material Dri-FIT absorbe la humedad para mantenerte fresco, seco y cómodo, mientras que la construcción de costura plana elimina las rozaduras. Sus 9 pulgadas de circunferencia se extiende a 21 pulgadas para un ajuste ceñido y cómodo.

• Tejido: 53% Dri-FIT poliéster/25% nylon/22% de goma

• Skinny fit para el apoyo en el bíceps, el codo y los músculos de la pantorrilla

• Máquina lavable

• Se venden en pares.

11,37 €