Wilson WTF1783XBN GST W Composite Junior. 24h

Wilson WTF1783XBN GST W Composite Junior. 24h

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Featuring an updated modern visual design preferred by today’s generation of talent, the Wilson GST family of American Football balls is a favorite among NCAA programs, high school American Football state associations, and multiple other leagues. The GST is the only American Football ball to offer patented sewn-on stripes and ACL composite leather laces for enhanced accuracy and ball security. Combined with Wilson’s exclusive Light Leather Formula that offers a softer feel, the GST delivers one-of-a-kind game saving technology. Wilson is the #1 name in American Football with the best-selling game American Football ball in the country, the Wilson GST.

  • MODERN DESIGN: A new visual design combines signature GST performance with a new-look for a new generation of talent.
  • LIGHT LEATHER FORMULA: Wilson’s Light Leather Formula is the softest American Football ball leather on the market, with a unique feel that’s easier for your fingers to sink into for more control.
  • PINPOINT ACCURACY: Patented sewn-on stripes are composite material instead of paint and provide 82% more grip to aid release for more accurate throws. 
  • UNRIVALED CONTROL: Patented Accurate Control Lacing (ACL), which is pebbled instead of smooth, provides 174% more grip in all conditions.
  • HANDCRAFTED IN THE US: The same skilled craftspeople that make every NFL leather American Football ball also make every leather GST, resulting unmatched quality craftsmanship.
  • JUNIOR SIZE: Typically regulation size for older elementary school players sometimes through middle school, ideal for ages 9-12
  • Colour: Brown

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  • Excellent grip for better control
  • Better ball control
  • Perfect for training and recreational purposes
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Riddell RDP-C Peewee FB Composite
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Riddell RDJ-C Junior FB Composite
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  • Composite game ball with pebbled construction & channeled lacesfor superior feel.
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Wilson TDY GST Composite Football

Patentado ACL Cordones, exclusivo Wilson patrones y una suela de compuesto de la cubierta de cuero se combinan para ofrecer una alternativa asequible a nuestra famosa serie GST de juego balones de fútbol. La combinación de la misma Wilson TD familia de patrones con cuero compuesto de la tecnología patentada y ACL cordones, el GST compuesto de la familia es una gran opción para sentir y de control para la práctica, el desarrollo de los jugadores, o las inclemencias del tiempo juegos.

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Riddell Team Equipment Bag
  • Durable 420 denier nylon construction.
  • Riddell branding on one side and both ends.
  • Size: 40”L x 15”W x 15”H
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Wilson GST Official Game Ball

Este juego oficial características de la pelota de GST™ (Juego de la Tecnología de Ahorro), Wilson 899 NOS cuero con curtido en rumbo. 1003 patrón pequeño es más fácil de agarrar y tirar, cubierta acolchada ofrece una sensación suave y un mejor agarre. ACL™ Sistema de Lazada proporciona un mejor agarre y control. Wilson exclusivo de Agarre de Rayas, el pespunte de la construcción. La NCAA aprobado y sellado.

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Wilson Football Prep Conditioner

No preparar está preparando para fracasar. Asegúrese de que su fútbol está preparado para cualquier complemento con la Bola Prep Acondicionado. El uso adecuado de las condiciones de la piel para un mejor agarre y ayuda a prolongar la vida de su fútbol.


  • Coloque una pequeña, pequeña cantidad en cada panel y uniformemente
  • Espere 20 minutos para que se seque, luego aplica con aprobado Wilson de Fútbol de Preparación de Pincel
  • Ideal para usar cuando el balón está nueva
  • Repetir una vez por temporada para mejorar la vida de cuero
13,00 €
Wilson GST Prime Football

The future of the game – introducing the Wilson GST Prime. Engineered by players for players, the Wilson GST Prime equips the world’s #1 selling game ball with additional grip points, high visibility accents, and a built-in prep gauge. The most innovative technology to upheave the game - the ultimate weapon when the extra yard matters most.

  • Index finger stitch & middle finger stitch give QB's better feel and ‘flick’ when releasing the ball and more ball security while handling/throwing
  • Double stitched lace reinforcer increases grip interaction of ring and pinky fingers, which are critical to QB ball security
  • Prep gauge lets QBs / Coaches / Equipment Managers know when their ball is ready for gameplay
  • Accurate Control Lacing (ACL) is pebbled instead of smooth, provides 174% more grip for more controlled release and more accurate throws
  • Patented sewn-on composite stripe provides 82% more grip for better control
136,00 €
Under Armour 595 Composite American Football Ball Official

Dominate the field with the Under Armour® 595 American Football ball. Constructed with
premium tackified composite leather, while backed with multi-layer foam, the 595
features GRIPSKIN™ technology for the best grip and feel to help you win the game.
A butyl bladder retains air better to keep you in the game longer. Topped off with
proprietary GRABTACK™ laces to provide 107% more grip than traditional American Football ball laces.

  • Multi-layer foam backed construction
  • Constructed with premium tackified composite leather
  • GripSkin™ technology for the best grip and feel
  • Proprietary GRABTACK® laces provide 107% more grip than traditional American Football ball laces
  • Butyl bladder for better air retention
  • Perfect to use for matches and training
  • Colour: Brown
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