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The future of the game – introducing the Wilson GST Prime. Engineered by players for players, the Wilson GST Prime equips the world’s #1 selling game ball with additional grip points, high visibility accents, and a built-in prep gauge. The most innovative technology to upheave the game - the ultimate weapon when the extra yard matters most.

  • Index finger stitch & middle finger stitch give QB's better feel and ‘flick’ when releasing the ball and more ball security while handling/throwing
  • Double stitched lace reinforcer increases grip interaction of ring and pinky fingers, which are critical to QB ball security
  • Prep gauge lets QBs / Coaches / Equipment Managers know when their ball is ready for gameplay
  • Accurate Control Lacing (ACL) is pebbled instead of smooth, provides 174% more grip for more controlled release and more accurate throws
  • Patented sewn-on composite stripe provides 82% more grip for better control
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Featuring a modernized visual design preferred by today’s generation of talent, the Wilson GST football is the official ball of over 180 NCAA programs and 38 high school football state associations. The GST is the only football to offer patented sewn-on stripes and ACL composite leather laces for enhanced accuracy and ball security. Combined with Wilson’s exclusive Light Leather Formula that offers a softer feel, the GST delivers one-of-a-kind game saving technology. Wilson is the #1 name in football with the best-selling game footballs in the country, the Wilson GST.

  • Sewn StripePatented sewn-on stripes are composite material instead of paint and provide 82% more grip to aid release for more accurate throws.
  • Accurate Control LacingPatented Accurate Control Lacing (ACL) is pebbled instead of smooth, provides 174% more grip in all conditions.
  • MODERN DESIGN: A New visual design combines signature GST performance with a New-look for a New generation of talent.
  • LIGHT LEATHER FORMULA: Wilson’s Light Leather Formula is the softest football leather on the market, with a unique feel that’s easier for your fingers to sink into for more control.
  • HANDCRAFTED IN THE US: The same skilled craftspeople that make every NFL leather football also make every leather GST, resulting unmatched quality craftsmanship.
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Cubierta de cuero con curtido en la táctica y profundo de guijarros patrón. Balón oficial para ambos BUAFL & BAFCL Ligas Nacionales. Patrón pequeño--más fáciles de agarrar y tirar con WIlson exclusivo de Agarre de Rayas. La NCAA y NFHS aprobado.

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Sin reunion, rápido golpear a los delitos. Y eso significa que no hay tiempo para encontrar los cordones antes de que usted tiene que encontrar su receptor. Utilizado por la NFL, NCAA y equipos de la escuela, El Wilson Laceless de Entrenamiento de Fútbol ayuda a acelerar su liberación mediante la prevención de que depender de cordones para hacer pasa puntiformes. Hacer usted mismo en una mejor mariscal de campo para el juego moderno.

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El Wilson GST práctica de fútbol es utilizado con éxito por 180 de la NCAA de los programas y un sinnúmero de programas de la escuela secundaria como un asequibles y de alta calidad de la práctica de fútbol. El GST práctica de fútbol ofrece programas una oportunidad para usar el mismo estilo de fútbol de su mariscal de campo va a utilizar en un juego, en la práctica, sin producir daños hasta el día del partido de pelota. Con patentado cosido en rayas y ACL compuesto de cordones de cuero combinado con una exclusiva Wilson GST cuero. Simular gameday y preparar a su equipo para el éxito con el Wilson GST Práctica de Fútbol.

  • Oficial De Su Tamaño Adulto
  • Colegiado Patrón
  • Patentado ACL proporciona un 174% más de agarre que los cordones tradicionales
  • Multi-capas de revestimiento para mejorar la forma y durabilidad
  • 3 Capas de la Vejiga para una mejor retención de aire y control de humedad
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Balón de cuero tradicional proporciona exclusivo tiene guijarros más profundos y con cordones ACL agregados, obtienes un mejor agarre para pases, recepciones y celebraciones de TD. Perfecto para usar en partidos.

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Is inclement weather in the forecast for your next game? With the Wilson® Slick Training Football, you’re ready to tackle the elements. Designed to train you for games in the rain or snow, this officially sized football features a slick leather material ideal for simulating bad weather conditions. The collegiate-patterned ball also features sewn-on, half-white stripes and Wilson® and Slick Training logo details.

  • Official size football
  • Wilson® grip stripes and double laces
  • Slick leather material ideal for training for games in the rain or snow
  • Collegiate pattern
  • Half-white stripes
  • Wilson® and Slick Training logo details
  • Model: WTF1245ID
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The Wilson Duke Metallic Edition decorates a classic with a stunning gold finish. Every kick, every play, every touchdown in the NFL has been with Wilson. Practice like your sports heroes with the Duke Metallic Edition. Features a high-performance composite to match the original’s feel and excellence.

  • Metallic Composite cover provides a premium, more tacky feel for a superior grip
  • Pebbled Metallic ACL Laces™ for enhanced grip
  • Butyl Rubber bladder for advanced air retention
  • Multi-layered lining for consistent shape and durability
  • Perfect for training and recreational purposes
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