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Material de Entreno

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Poseemos la mayor variedad de material y equipamiento para mejorar en tus días de entrenamientos. Desde Dummies hasta trineos para la línea, donuts...Un sinfín de material para mejorar en tus partidos.

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The GSI Stepover Dummy helps improve acceleration, lateral speed and change of direction.

  • Designed in a way that the foam grade is of a density that allows for tackling as well.
  • Handles are placed at either end of the dummy in order to be easily moved by one or two people.
  • Base measures: 128cm length, 45cm width, with height at 21cm.
  • Top measures:  128cm length, 24cm width.
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  • Helps improve acceleration, lateral speed and change of direction
  • Doubles as a tackling and blocking dummy to build proper technique without physical contact
  • Built with a durable PVC, nylon-reinforced cover and high-density foam core to withstand seasons of use
  • 2 reinforced handles for improved control during training 
  • Product Dimensions: 49” in height/length, 10 ¼” in width and 10 ½” in depth (124cm alto x  26cm ancho X 26,64cm)
  • Product Weight: 6.6 lbs. 
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Designed to mimic a defender stripping the ball through targeted resistance, the Stronghold ball helps build ball security and reduce fumbles by training true movements. It features a safe, secure and comfortable handle for coaches.

  • Builds the strength and grip key to increasing ball security and reducing fumbles
  • Mimics a defender stripping the ball through targeted resistance
  • Unique design allows players to practice true movements while getting ball resistance from multiple angles
  • Inspired by weightlifting straps, its handle is safe and secure for athletes and coaches
  • Use on the field, in the gym with resistance cables or at home
  • A great tool for building ball-handling confidence in players during hurdle and cone drills
  • Color: Black

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