Douglas Commando *New Style* YOUTH

Douglas Commando *New Style* YOUTH



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the Commando is constructed featuring a shock absorbing cantilever design, reducing the energy absorbed by the players body. The dual density construction will also assist in the energy absorption and dispersion aspects of the shoulder pad. The Commando features an extended front, adding more protection for the sternum.


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Riddell Power SPX LB/FB

Replacing the SPX50, this low-profile shoulder pad for Linebackers & Fullbacks has been updated for 2015 with the inclusion of the exclusive STAC system and featuring swim cut arches for maximum range of arm mobility.

Riddell Phenom AP All Purpose

Bring the crowd to their feet as you lay down hits in the Riddell Phenom AP Adult Football Shoulder Pads - All Purpose. Designed with the varsity player in mind, the Phenom Shoulder Pads have a great Air Management padding system with integrated channels and corrugated arches for protection and durability.

The slick matte finish will let your play on the field draw all the attention from fans and future endorsers. Recommended for linemen, fullbacks, and linebackers with a mid-length arch and adjustable Y-belt closure system. Flat pad design gives these pads a low profile fit so you can fly around the field with little or no restriction.  

  • Air management liner system uses a sealed cushion of air for even impact energy absorption 
  • Flat pad design for a low-profile fit 
  • Corrugated arches for rigidity and toughness Integrated channels for added protection across the shoulders 
  • Power cap epaulets for big hitters 
  • Adustable Y-Belts for an even, secure closure 
  • Stainless steel hardware 
  • Matte finish for a clean, smooth look 
Douglas Zena 25 Ladies

The Zena 25 is the most versatile pad offered in our Zena line. Its low profile, light weight construction caters to all skill positions. It's recommended for the qb's, running backs, wide receivers, defensive backs, line backers, and kickers. 

The anatomically designed pads specifically contour to fit a woman's body. It is important that women athletes understand they now have a "choice" in innovative shoulder pad protection other than those available in the industry. Needed to order shoulder pads are a players height, weight, position and bra cup size.

B Cup fits cupsize C and up.

Riddell Power SPK+ OL/DL

Replacing the Riddell Power SPK OL/DL, the SPK+ OL/DL features Riddell RipKord Technology�, the STAC shoulder system, swivel fronts, biothane STAC straps and belts, a flat pad design, the air management liner system, removable/adjustable bodies, stainless steel hardware, and velvet collars.

Sizes: M-3XL

Base SKU: R48268

Xenith Xflexion Fly Youth

Introducing the latest in Xenith’s XFlexion shoulder pads – the XFlexion Fly! The XFlexion Fly is designed for all positions at youth, middle school and intermediate levels and features Aware Flow Shock Absorbers®, proven in Xenith football helmets. 

Xenith’s XFlexion shoulder pads offer BETTER PROTECTION and BETTER FLEXIBILITY for all players and all ages in a modern, aggressive & sleek design. 

  • Low-profile
  • High impact multi-layered foam padding with nylon cover
  • Lightweight Injection Molded plates retain anatomical form
  • Floating Sternum and Spine Protective Plates
  • Flexible shock cord enables plates to move independently
  • Shoulder plates are unrestricted for a full range of motion
  • Durable belt style chest straps with retention loop to hold straps down

Douglas Legacy RD. OL/DL

Skill Positions: OL, DL, LB, DE, TE

The RD style shoulder pad, in the Legacy Series is designed for Offensive Linemen, Defensive Linemen, Linebackers, Defensive Linemen, and Tight Ends. The RD is designed as a FLAT, low profile pad, with belts and buckles. The RD’s lightweight, and streamlined design, makes it the perfect pad for players that want solid protection yet great range of motion. With the RD’s larger epaulets, reverse cups, and solid front, gives the player to more stability to give and receive hits. The Air-Management System, consisting of open cell foam, a top redundant, soft removable channels, a streamlined plastic shell along with 1” belts and buckles, creates the FLAT PAD design that helps disperse the energy of collisions.

Riddell Phenom SK Skill Position

Time to look like the future MVP with the Riddell Phenom SK Adult Football Shoulder Pads - Skill Position. Riddell designed the Phenom pads with the varsity player in mind, delivering all the protection and toughness you need to hit the field with confidence.

The Phenom Shoulder Pads have a great Air Management padding system that uses a sealed cushion of air to evenly absorb and disperse impacts with ease. These skill position pads are lightweight without cutting down on protection. A removable backplate gives you the option to go lighter so you can just out run all of your opponents. Recommended for quarterbacks, running backs, tight ends, wide receivers, and defensive backs. Flat pad design gives these pads a low profile fit so you can fly around the field with little or no restriction. 

  • Air management liner system uses a sealed cushion of air for even impact energy absorption 
  • Flat pad design for a low-profile fit 
  • Corrugated arches for rigidity and toughness Integrated channels for added protection across the shoulders 
  • Power cap epaulets for big hitters
  • Factory Fitted Back Plate As Standard 
  • Stainless steel hardware 
  • Matte finish for a clean, smooth look
Champro AMT-1000 Skill Position
  • Low-profile pad construction
  • Built-in clavicle pads for added protection
  • Padded epaulet
  • Integrated deltoid pads
  • Swivel front and back connectors allow the shoulder pad to move with the player
  • 1 ½” wide T-Hook and strap attachment system
  • Accessory attachment points for backplate and neck collars
  • Removable pads for easy care
Xenith Xflexion Flyte Youth

Stay protected this season with the NEW Flyte youth shoulder pad.

  • Engineered for all positions at youth and intermediate levels
  • Available in youth sizes S-L
  • Low-Profile and Lightweight
  • Features double shoulder caps
  • Floating Sternum protective plate
  • High impact foam padding
  • Flexible shock cord allows plates to move independently
  • Durable belt style chest straps with retention loop
Douglas Destroyer 2.0 Q22

Get all the range of motion you need with the Douglas Destroyer 2.0 Q22 Adult Skill Football Shoulder Pads. Built with Douglas' Air Management system, the pads combine open cell foam and streamlined plastic to give you protection without sacrificing flexibility. The cantilevered design disperses energy on contact to the chest or back of a player. Smaller epaulets, reverse cups and a swivel front mean that whether you're throwing or receiving passes, you'll have a pad designed to move with you.

  • Position: QB / WR / RB / DB
  • Designed for quarterbacks, wide receivers, running backs, defensive backs, kickers and punters
  • Cantilevered design to help disperse energy on contact to the chest
  • Air Management system with open cell foam that remains breathable
  • Lightweight, streamlined design for players that need more range of motion
  • Smaller epaulets, reverse cups and swivel front for more flexibility
Douglas Eclipse PEC01
  • New streamlined profile
  • Shaved Epaulets
  • Reverse Streamlined Cups
  • Low profile cantilever construction provides hitting protection without sacrificing field vision or mobility
  • Great all-purpose pad
  • 1/2" build-ups create aclavicle channel for excellent shoulder protection
  • Single strap hook-up
  • Level: Varsity
  • Positions: LB - DB - RB - TE
Riddell Rival

Replacing the Riddell Warrior IIIx shoulder pad, the Rival features integrated deltoid pads and smaller, steamlined caps for increased range of motion for the shoulder.

  • Flat Pad Design - Keeping a low profile means the cap - sits on the humerous - and epaulet - its on the crown of the shoulder pad - don't interfere with a player's helmet when rotating side-to-side.
  • Corrugated Arches - Riddell's arches - the molded plastic that sits over the shoulder and on top of the padded liner - are enginnered using a design element called "corrigation" that stiffens and strengthens the structure to reduce weight without also reducing the protective qualities of the component.
  • Front Deltoid Pads protect the deltoid muscle during contact.
  • Z-Fit Belt
  • Recommended Positions: All-Purpose Positions
  • No  Rival pads are available in Small, they are replaced by the JV Large pads

Riddell Kombine LN

Recommended Positions: lineman

Integrated RipKord™ Technology - utilizes a quick release method which is integrated in the pad for quick and easy removal to access an injured player.  Easily replaced back to normal.

Flat Pad Design

Air Management Liner System

Removable/Adjustable Bodies

Velvet Collars

Rust resistant hardware used to attach components of the shoulder to add structure and rigidity to the pad.

Extended Arch

Deltoid Pads for more protection

1 1/2" PVC belts