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Train your pitching to perfection with these Jugs pitch training baseballs! Each ball contains different throwing styles.

  • Perfect Pitch™ throwing balls give pitchers the count and the desired pitch location.
  • Perfect Pitch™ balls can also be purchased as blanks (Mark them up)—you fill in where you want the pitch!
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Recommended as a High School Game Ball, the A9011 features a Compression Controlled Polycore along with Super Seam Technology, allowing pitchers to play with better control and easier location for fielders.

  • Leather
  • Freq. Matched Optic Yellow
  • SST Seams
  • Red Stitch
  • .47 COR
  • 375 lbs Comp.
  • Compression Controlled Polycore
  • Official size - 12 inch
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The A9117T is Wilson's featured Soft Compression softball. With a soft sponge center and Ultra Grip cover, this ball is designed for youth players just starting to play the game.

  • Ultra Grip cover
  • Soft sponge center
  • 12" size
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For teams wanting the distinctive sound and feel of cork, Rawlings offers a complete line of NFHS®, ASA®, USSSA®, NSA® and ISC™ cork games balls. Made of high density cork and Rawlings' patented Dream Seam® Technology, they offer the performance you demand while giving a lower cost option in game balls.

  • High density cork core
  • Pro Tac
  • 12" size
  • .47 COR
  • 375 lbs. compression
  • 88 red stitch
  • ASA and NFHS approved
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